Posted on: November 10, 2017

NTMWD Asks Residents to Winterize their Lawn

Frozen Sprinkler

Is your yard ready for winter? The North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) encourages residents and business owners to turn off irrigation systems and only water when needed this winter. As lawns and landscapes transition into dormancy during late fall, rainfall usually provides enough water. Using less water during the winter months helps extend the region’s water supplies to meet future needs.

“Keeping irrigation systems turned off until the spring also helps prevent unintended watering that can freeze on streets and sidewalks in extreme cold weather conditions,” said Denise Hickey, NTMWD Water Resource Program and Public Education Manager.

NTMWD recommends homeowners check for and repair any leaking outside faucets. Covering and insulating outside faucets can prevent frozen or broken pipes. Texas A&M AgriLife recommends property owners add mulch or compost to landscapes and around trees. Covering exposed soil with two to four inches of mulch helps maintain soil moisture and protects roots.

 The free online tool www.WaterMyYard.org will help residents know when to water and when to wait based on local weather conditions.

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